windsor duck tours

windsor duck tours

Questions & Answers


Q - Where do you pick up from?

A – We pick up from ‘The Duck Stop’ opposite The Theatre Royal, Thames St, Windsor, SL4 1PS.

Q – What transport Links and Car Parks are near

A – Windsor Riverside Station is on the London Waterloo Line.

Windsor Central Station links to Slough, which has a direct line to London Paddington and Reading.

We are on many Bus Routes.

Nearest Car Park is Windsor River St

All of the above are no more than 2 min Walk

The Duck Stops nearest postcode is SL4 1PS.

Q – Will I get Wet.

A – The tour runs rain or shine we have roll down side windows a bit like a boat, which will stop a shower but the odd drop of rain might get past. Entering and on the water you will not get wet from river water. We take a majority vote from our passengers on having the side windows rolled up or down. Basically dress for the weather conditions for the day and you cant go far wrong.

Q – Do you allow Push Chairs and Buggies

windsor duck tours

A – We do everything we can to take pushchairs and normally always manage to get them onboard. There is always a chance that many customers all turn up for the same tour all with pushchairs. In this case we just cant for safety reasons.

Q – What ages is a tour best suited to?

A – We think everyone young and old will get something out of the tour. Its got facts and jokes on the way round, It’s close to an open top bus ride, It’s a river cruse plus you get the fun of the vehicle changing with a ‘splash’ from road mode to boat mode.

Q – Disabled Access

A – Due to the nature of the vehicle all passengers must be able to climb the 5 steps to board

Q – Do you take dogs

A – Very Well-behaved dogs can come on a tour at the discretion of the skipper.

Q – What’s the difference between your vehicles and ones other UK companies use.

A – We use purpose built vehicles to carry passengers on a tours, our oldest vehicle was registered in 2010. Others use converted 1940ish WW2 vehicles designed to carry military personnel and their kit then converted to carry passengers. They are now some 70 years old. We do not use these!

Q – What certification do the vehicles have.

A – All our vehicles have to meet the (MCA) Maritime and Coast Guard Regulations when on the water and have a passenger certificate. On the road they are governed by VOSA just like a Bus.

Q – What qualifications do the drivers have to have to dive the vehicles

A – On the road they need a Bus/Coach license Cat- D on the water they need a Boatman’s License issued by the MCA. This license involves a high degree in skill

to pass and includes a 3 day fire fighting course, Fist Aid, Sea survival and a medical.


windsor duck tours

Tour Info

Q - Is there a guide on the tour

A – All our tours have a live guide to make the tour fun as well as giving you a few facts and figures on the way round (we reserve the right to make up answers to anything we don’t know about!)

Q – What’s the difference between the ‘Normal’ (50-60mins) tour and the ‘Short’ (40 -50 mins)

A - The Short is more on the water than the road.

Q – How many tours do you run a day?

A – From 2 off peak to 9 in the height of the season (check our web)

Q – What will I see on the tour

A – We run a circular tour around the outside of the Castles private grounds. You will be sitting up high so you get good views over hedges a bit like an open top bus ride but not quire as high. You will see various landmarks of Windsor both from the road and the river.

Q – Can I take food and drink on the tour

A – Please no food, water and coffee is fine.

Q – What if it raining or bad weather

A – We run rain or shine generally the only thing that will stop us is very extreme weather. The vehicle has full rain protection.

Q – What should I wear?

A – Normal clothes for the weather of the day. It can get cool on the water part of the tour so a jumper is a good idea if you feel the cold.


Booking Info

Q – Where do I buy tickets?

A – You can get them from our Website, Tourist Office in Windsor, We have a few Ticket Agents and from us on the Vehicle(if there is space left)

Q – Do you charge for infants

A – Yes just £1.00 you must get them a ticket. The Maritime and Coast Guard Agency have very strict rules on passenger numbers. We have a maximum number we can carry this includes infants even if they don’t need a seat. You must have a ticket for every one in your party.

Q – Do you need to Book

A – In a word ‘yes’ at peak times e.g. weekends. We do get some no shows so it is always worth calling or turning up last min.

Q – What’s an ‘Advantage Card’

A – Residents of Windsor and Maidenhead have a discount card they can use.

Q – Can I reserve a seat

A – Seats are on a first come basis.

Q – How many people can you take on one tour

A – We have a 26 seat vehicle with a new 41 seat due into service in July.

Q – Do you offer Private Tours

A – Yes we do for any event from Weddings, Kids Patries, corporate events, Prom nights. Please call us 01753 581158.

Q – How much do the tours cost

A – Just work your way through the bookings pages to get a total for your party.

Q- How do I redeem a voucher.

A – Go through the bookings pages and at the end before you pay you will be asked to enter a code which will deduct the relevant amount from the total to pay. If you have more than one voucher code just press the add button and enter the next code. Any problems with codes please email us info@windsorducktours.co.uk.